Frequently Asked Questions about Enrollment

When is the best time to apply?

Ideally, we accept applications from October through January for the following September. Depending on how quickly the classrooms fill up, we continue to accept new applications through the spring. We keep these applications on a waiting list during this time period in case there are unexpected changes in our enrollment.

Does our family need to visit Calvin Hill?

Yes. We prefere to meet all the children who are applying for admission and to provide an opportiunity for families to see our school in action.

How can I arrange a visit to Calvin Hill?

We have an Open House for interested families on a Saturday morning in early November. Call the school in October for the exact date and time. This visit is strongly encouraged, but not required. Once we receive applications, our Director invites families for individual visits to the school during December and January.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no fee to apply. Once we offer your child a placement at Calvin Hill, a $100 deposit is required to secure your child’s placement. When you sign and return your contract, one-ninth of your child’s total tuition is required. The $100 deposit and first tuition installment are non-refundable.

We applied last year and were not offered a spot, but we would like to apply again this year. Do we need to send a new application?

Yes, every year’s application process is a fresh slate. We do not roll our waiting list into the next year. Similarly, we do not take applications years in advance. Starting the October before you wish your child to begin is the right time.

When do families find out if their child has been accepted?

Usually, we offer placements to children in February.

Do children ever join the classrooms mid-year?

All our children begin in September as a group, with very rare exceptions.

Is the Calvin Hill Summer Program open to families not already enrolled?

The Summer Program is an extension of the preceding school year for Calvin Hill families. We purposefully choose to begin all new children at the same time in September to foster the development of new classroom communities.

Does Calvin Hill provide meals?

Calvin Hill provides simple, healthy, nutritious lunches, served family style, as well as both breakfast and afternoon snack. Meals are important community building and learning times at Calvin Hill. Every effort will be made to accommodate children with food allergies, religious or cultural dietary restrictions and substitutes and supplements are available. Please download a sample menu.