Parents and Alumni

“A remarkable staff of trained, experienced and dedicated teachers takes our young children and guides them along, gently coaching them, directing them, helping them learn to make choices and to share, hugging them when the choices are wrong or when the desired toy is not forthcoming…The fine teaching done at Calvin Hill is an ensemble effort.”
– Marcie Sternheim, Parent

“I never dreamed as a student assistant that I would one day be dropping off my own son every morning and waving good-bye through the window to the Threes Program, but when we moved back to New Haven from California and needed day care for Samuel, what a wonderful feeling it was to know just the place! Calvin Hill is a model in the community and indeed in the country for the beautiful integration of top notch teachers, involved parents, curious children, and devoted volunteers, with a singularly qualified and very special director who works equally well on all fronts.”
-Mike South, Parent

“One of the truly remarkable things about the Center is that all this is available to families regardless of income, and whether or not they are affiliated with Yale. Since its inception, the Center has remained committed to providing the highest quality day care for working families at a reasonable sliding scale.” 
-Jack Tebes, Parent